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NAME OF PLAN: Gibraltar Stop-Loss Plan [Benecon]

GIBRALTAR INDEX NUMBER OR RANGE: 83 [or 76 for smaller clients]

CONTACT INFORMATION: Keith McNeil, CLU, CEBS, GBDS, CPBS 707.992.3782 or

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This is not a captive and has a minimum of 50 covered employee lives. It has no stated maximum size.

There are some captive stop-loss programs that include at least the most important aspect of a Gibraltar plan, they pool renewals and that pool absorbs the shock losses and, we understand, provides long-term protection. 

One example is the captive Pareto. In October 2019 they made this public statement: “When you team with us, your self-insured clients gain access to the strongest stop-loss policy in the market—no new lasers for the duration of their captive membership and the industry’s strongest renewal (largest historical stop loss premium increase is 30%. . . . Self-insured employers need the security and cost-containment services of Pareto Health before their next large claimants occurs.).”

Note: while not technically a Gibraltar plan, Cigna offers a program called “Renewal Planner” that approximates some of the features of a Gibraltar plan. On renewal, high claims are ignored and the individual specific deductible and rates go up by the medical trend rate (not leveraged trend). Thus a $100,000 specific deductible and a $100 PEPM rate, with a presumed 10% medical trend, would increase on renewal to $110,000 deductible and a $110 PEPM rate. While Cigna does not guarantee to offer the Renewal Planner to the client indefinitely, it can be flexible in making multi-year offers we are told. We understand the Cigna stop-loss product is only available alongside the Cigna PPO network.