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The Gibraltar Stop-Loss Plan came about as Keith McNeil, one of the founders of Self-Insurance Expert (a self-insurance consultancy and special markets firm) surveyed the stop-loss marketplace and was disheartened to see how little stop-loss insurance was purchased that offered true long-term protection, but even worse the industry (carriers and consultants alike) seemingly had very little awareness of the magnitude of the problem.

Veteran writer Bruce Shutan featured Keith and this problem in the March, 2018, issue of The Self-Insurer (the publication from the Self-Insurance Institute of America), entitled “Stop-Loss Pitfalls.” Since then many of the leading stop-loss carriers, captives, and purchasing pools have been contacted in order to see what Gibraltar plans might already exist or could be created under the right circumstances. From these conversations it may be concluded that the carriers believe this problem is largely the fault of brokers|consultants not properly explaining the worst case risks to employers. On the other hand the stop-loss industry has done almost nothing to educate consultants and employers on how they plan to underwrite renewals where there are high ongoing claims—and even when a consultant is forward thinking enough to  put in place a NNLRC option, it is rarely divulged that the rider is only guaranteed for one year.

Thus the need for a Gibraltar Stop-Loss Plan.

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